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  • 3x01:

    I Hate You All But We're Gonna Work Together And You're Gonna Like It.

  • 3x02:

    Emma Swan Accepts That She's an Orphan and Hook Acts Like He Didn't Already Know That

  • 3x03:

    We Have To Convince Another Person Regina Screwed Over to Like Us

  • 3x04:


  • 3x05:

    *whispers* Hook Has a Crush on Emma, Pass It On. JK Everyone Already Knows Because He Makes It So Fucking Obvious.

  • 3x06:

    We Named This Episode After the Little Mermaid to Help with Promotion but She's Really Not That Important to the Plot

  • 3x07:

    We're Gonna Act like the Love Triangle Is a Real Thing but It's Absolute Bullshit Because We All Know Emma's Gonna End Up With Hook.

  • 3x08:

    We Don't Talk About This Episode.... Ever... or This Show's Fucked Up Family Tree.

  • 3x09:

    #SAVEHENRY... Kinda... But Not Really... Because We Still Need to Continue Dragging This Storyline out.

  • 3x10:

    Robbie Kay Playing Henry Is the Greatest Thing to Happen to the World

  • 3x11:


  • 3x12:

    Captain Hook or Henry Mills? Can't Tell the Difference Because They're Both Emma Swan's True Loves

  • 3x13:

    People Are Turning into Flying Monkeys... Ya Know, Kind of Like the One Emma had Sex with *Hook Chuckles in the Distance*

  • 3x14:

    Charming vs Charming - Who Works The Macklemore Look Better?

  • 3x15:

    Neal Gets Closure with Everyone So We Have to Kill Him Off Because He Doesn't Have Any Plot- Driving Substance Left

  • 3x16:


  • 3x17:

    Fair Warning: Captain Swan Is Gonna Have True Love's Kiss Soon... Start Preparing for the Deadly Feels.

Thank you! But I do love your blog! And I've been meaning to ask, who is the cute little guy/girl in your icon?

Sorry I didn’t get back to you till now. I had just left to go out when you asked me …
Anyway, thanks again!!
My icon is my dog, ace- he’s a boy :), from when he was a puppy. (He’s still a puppy to me now though) it was taken about two years ago. Thanks for asking!! :D

Hi Marie Love you. Sincerely Long term follower.

Aww you’re the best anon!!! I just wish I knew who you are!
*internet hug*